Letters: Evolution

As a scientist, I was bothered by the story of Diane Douglas suggesting changes in the high school science curriculum. I particular object to her quote “The point of education is really to be seekers of the truth, whatever the truth may be.”

Letter: Hillary followers loyal regardless of circumstances

Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, set up a private server to send and receive classified information without the government security umbrella.

Letter: National debt

National debt is disturbing; partial solution.

Letter: Suicide prevention

As someone working in the behavioral health field, I found it uplifting to see the dialogue around suicide prevention (recently), despite the reasons behind it. Two high profile people died by suicide, and the media took note.

Letter: National debt

National debt is disturbing; partial solution.

Letter: Arizona’s top educator

Was interested to read that Diane Douglas, Arizona’s top educator, puts the theories of Intelligent Design and Evolution on an equal footing-- in terms of curriculum priorities.

Letter: Charitable organizations

The citizens of Yavapai County are generous by nature and that is a very good thing.

Letter: Thank you, Dewey-Humboldt

Thank you D-H Town Council for supporting the first conservation easement on the Agua Fria River.

Letter: Garbage

As a newcomer to Arizona but a lifelong resident of the outdoors, I came upon a new low in littering recently at Goldwater Lake.

Letter: Property taxes

Tuesday, May 8, I witnessed a travesty.

Letter: Summer

Editor: School is almost out and summer is right around the corner.

Letter: Artist exhibition

At this point in my life, I’m 69, retired, married and looking for something to do that brings me peace and happiness.

Letter: Teacher pay

In the Tuesday, May 1 edition of The Daily Courier, Whitney Williams advocated for better wages for teachers.

Letter: Appreciate the support

We, as a group of Prescott Unified School District teachers and staff, would first like to thank our community for its support.

Letter: Mayor salutes volunteers

Dear Town Council members, board and commission members, and volunteers: