Wil Williams

Will Williams is a contributing columnist for the Chino Valley Review and Prescott Valley Tribune newspapers.

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One Man's Rant: A danger of domestic life

You’ve got ’em. So do I. Bad habits. For the sake of clarification, I’m not talking about a nun’s outfit that needs to be laundered or dry cleaned!

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Column: I don’t want to live life by the numbers

There are three reasons to be cautious in reading One Man’s Rant columns. One red flag is that every column includes at least one fact. The second red flag is that everything else is made up. I can’t remember what the third red flag is so from here, you’re on your own.

One Man's Rant: A danger of domestic life

Challenge isn’t new to the American male.

One Man's Rant: The real meaning of eternity

Evidently, my life isn’t full enough. Worrying about paying the monthly rent and having enough popcorn on hand in case of an emergency should be enough to focus my waning mental abilities.

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One Man's Rant: A teacher’s reach

Think of a person who played a pivotal role in your formative years — other than a member of your immediate family.

One Man's Rant: Salad days that weren’t

Somewhere during 1962 I turned 16. That was a big year for me.

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One Man's Rant: The shortest aviation career on record

I’ve always thought piloting an airplane would be a nifty thing to do.

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One Man's Rant: And now for some good-natured screaming

My wife, I and neighbors Sandra and Luiz went Halloween shopping the other day.

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One Man's Rant: Is the NFL sacking itself?

I’ve been a fan of the NFL since those wintry Sunday afternoons in the early 1950s when I watched frigid televised football games with my dad in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

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One Man's Rant: Jerry was a friend of mine

Five years ago, I walked into my first Territorial Days pancake breakfast here at the Chino Valley Senior Center.

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