Wil Williams

Will Williams is a contributing columnist for the Chino Valley Review and Prescott Valley Tribune newspapers.

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One Man’s Rant: A movie recommendation … or not

Every once in a while, my wife and I feel the need to watch a really, really bad movie.

One Man’s Rant: A gift from a stranger

I’d never heard of a 2000 Kevin Spacey and Helen Hunt movie entitled “Pay it Forward,” until recently.

One Man’s Rant: The end shouldn’t be a lonely place

As is true with most folks my age, I’ve traveled to a lot of places over the years and have met a lot of people.

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One Man's Rant: The museum capital of Arizona?

The subject of today’s public service column is…Museums.

One man's rant: Beware of the small print

I had some spare time on my hands the other day so I walked into a nutrition store in the mall.

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One man’s rant: Goodbye, Birdie

In the July 10, 2016 issue of this newspaper, I wrote a column about Norma Jean Bennett, better known as Birdie.

One man’s rant: Do we want universities or kindergartens?

This particular column is a pure rant. To the extent that it has any influence, it should ruffle the feathers of liberals and conservatives alike.

One man’s rant: My early church years

Back in the 1950s, my family attended Simpson Methodist Church on South Harrison Street in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

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One man's rant: Fisticuffs and films, the ties that bind

This column accomplishes a publishing feat never before attempted in this part of the country. I’m going to introduce two high-profile personalities in the entertainment world to you, then I’ll tell you how they were connected even though they never met.

Column: This is a taxing time of year

April 9 is Tax Freedom Day this year. That means that on April 9, the nation will have drained enough dimes and dollars out of our pockets to pay its own tax bill for the year.

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