Wil Williams

Will Williams is a contributing columnist for the Chino Valley Review and Prescott Valley Tribune newspapers.

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One Man's Rant: I need a new goal in life

I strive to maintain dignity on a daily basis.

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One Man's Rant: Celebrate Territorial Days, help neighbors

The Chino Valley Morning Lions Club is at it again. On Sept. 2, the Morning Lions will sponsor the 31st Annual Territorial Days celebration complete with a parade, a pancake breakfast at the Senior Center, a raffle drawing and a craft fair in Memory Park.

One Man's Rant: Doing business with a five-fingered contract

Think of a cowboy. I’m talking about the real kind, the kind that rode for the brand on the ranches and the acres throughout the Old West.

One Man's Rant: Why do doctors speak Greek?

I remember way back in 1960s Columbus, Ohio, when my cousin and I decided to write messages in code to each other.

One Man's Rant: I’m prepared to make a major announcement

I’ve always been concerned about making rash decisions.

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One Man's Rant: Don’t hand me that wrench, please

I’m amazed by the number of gear heads and classic vehicles in and around Chino Valley.

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One man's rant: Stop wasting your life

I just watched a YouTube video of Admiral William H. McRaven talking about life-lessons learned in the military.

One Man’s Rant: A movie recommendation … or not

Every once in a while, my wife and I feel the need to watch a really, really bad movie.

One Man’s Rant: A gift from a stranger

I’d never heard of a 2000 Kevin Spacey and Helen Hunt movie entitled “Pay it Forward,” until recently.

One Man’s Rant: The end shouldn’t be a lonely place

As is true with most folks my age, I’ve traveled to a lot of places over the years and have met a lot of people.

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