Editorial: Lawmakers need to quit tipping the education playing field

In 1994 Arizona lawmakers decided to make this state the leading laboratory for school choice, giving its citizens options on where to educate their children.

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Editorial: It’s time to end home rule voting in Arizona

Every four years Arizona cities and towns must go before voters and ask them permission to do their jobs.

Editorial: Congress should keep funding Essential Air Service program

Government gets a bad name, and for good reason. It is right to be skeptical of people in power and the manner in which they yield that power.

Editorial: Battle over Internet providers using personal information

The Federal Communications Commission came up with a rule that consumers must opt-in to having their Internet providers use their personal information, such as browsing history and web searches, in any advertising efforts they might want to engage in.

Editorial: Curb power in APS rate hike

Arizona’s electricity users are facing some challenges that could mean rate increases in the near future.

Editorial: Governor is right on taxes, education

Gov. Doug Ducey has built his political career on being an anti-tax crusader, so when he begins advocating for a tax, there must be a good reason behind it.

Editorial: Penalize the crime, not the thoughts, or legal status

On Thursday, three Republican state senators broke party lines to kill SB1279, which would have meant longer minimum prison sentences for people who commit crimes while in the country illegally.

Editorial: State should stop bullying its cities

We have always believed decisions, such as those at the school board level, should be made on the local level.

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Editorial: Put an end to Arizona’s ‘patient brokers’

People who are trying to turn their lives around need the support of the community, the encouragement of their neighbors, and a lot of personal dedication.

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Editorial: Let schools chart their own course

Imagine for a second you are in charge of a school district in the White Mountains of Arizona and you look outside to see a dozen inches of fresh snow.

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Editorial: Time for ban on texting while driving

The Arizona Legislature is considering a ban on texting while driving for teenagers with probationary driver’s licenses, and the story is all too familiar.

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Editorial: Stealing U.S. flag not same as violent crime

Make punishment fit the crime

As the Arizona Legislature plows into its 2017 session, among the bills introduced so far is one that’s leaving us scratching our heads.

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Editorial: These colors shouldn't need a permit

Chino Valley Town Councilmember Lon Turner’s look said more than his words. He had just asked Ruth Mayday, the town’s director of development services, if he would need a permit to fly his American flag if Council passed the revised signage ordinances she brought before them.

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Editorial: Yavapai College should make track decision

David Brinkley is willing to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to bring motorsports back to the region at Chino Valley’s Old Home Manor.

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Editorial: Why we believe what we believe

It wasn’t until after graduating from college that I noticed my favorite authors all had something in common.