Editorial cartoons are on the endangered list

Newspaper editorial cartoons are disappearing when they are most needed.

One man's rant: These ARE your grandfather's movers

I hear of a new moving company in the area called Mature Movers.

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One man’s rant: On the road again

OK. This time we’re moving to Chino Valley. Really.

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Column: Kudos to those who stand up for others

I met a young man, let’s call him Sam, who is a student at Arizona State University. We had a lot in common, including both being Sun Devils, Doctor Who fans and love of movies and video games.

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One man’s rant: Goodbye, Bob, you'll be missed

I first met brother-in-law Bob in 1963 when I was 17 years old.

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One man’s rant: Lights, camera, action!

It might be time to do a movie. No, I don’t mean to see a movie, I mean to make my own.

Column: Hopes, fears and expectations

With the Inauguration of Donald Trump for President of the United States, many of us who voted have great hopes, fears and expectations.

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One man’s rant: Hey buddy, wanna buy a tree?

It’s the middle of the night on June 17, 1972. Burglars have broken into an office complex and into files secured therein.

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One man’s rant: When the warranty runs out …

When you buy a product you can usually purchase a warranty to ensure that it will do what it’s supposed to do for an extended period of time.

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One man’s rant: If it looks like a duck ...

When I started writing this column a little more than three years ago, my primary focus was to poke fun at my fellow citizens and myself for the frequently illogical ways in which we live.

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One man’s rant: How far we have fallen

Once upon a time, Americans were tough. They put their lives on the line to settle an untamed land. Enough survived through their individual efforts to birth a nation.

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One man’s rant: Who could have known?

Caution: Pets under two and children under 12 shouldn’t be exposed to this column with — or without — adult supervision.

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One man’s rant: Still stuck in the 1950s

I woke up the other day only to realize that we’re closing in on yet another new year.

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One man’s rant: The naked truth about neckties

I have been unafflicted by neckties since I retired some years ago.

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One man’s rant: On the origin of things

Back in November of 1859 a fellow by the name of Charles Darwin published a controversial book that attempted to explain where various forms of life, including you and me and your Aunt Hilda, came from.