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Column: Shed a tear for one less ninja in the world

Long before adulthood and reality teach us otherwise, one of the greatest aspects of being young is that no limits have been placed on our dreams.

One Man’s Rant: A movie recommendation … or not

Every once in a while, my wife and I feel the need to watch a really, really bad movie.

Column: Comey leaves us spinning

In this Golden Age of Spin, it’s difficult to assess what actually happened Thursday on Capitol Hill.

One Man’s Rant: A gift from a stranger

I’d never heard of a 2000 Kevin Spacey and Helen Hunt movie entitled “Pay it Forward,” until recently.

Column: Trump needs some competent help, and quick

Has anyone out there written the book “The Art of the Presidency”? If so, please send Donald Trump a copy. Overnight.

One Man’s Rant: The end shouldn’t be a lonely place

As is true with most folks my age, I’ve traveled to a lot of places over the years and have met a lot of people.

Column: Democrats have an obscene new mantra

Has anyone noticed the moral and organizational collapse of the Democratic Party?

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One Man's Rant: The museum capital of Arizona?

The subject of today’s public service column is…Museums.

Column: For some, immigration is second chance at life

She was a virgin when he raped her, impregnated her, and then beat her.

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Column: A lack of willpower haunts my increasing need to change

'Raising Prescott'

It’s been six weeks since I used this column as a platform to admit my continuing battle with weight issues and the daily struggles I experience trying to fix it before it’s too late.

Column: It’s not socialized medicine; call it Medicare for all

Whether we are Democrats, Republicans or “other,” the repeal-and-replace status of the Affordable Care Act should concern all of us.

Talk of the Town: ‘Yes’ to the Northern Connector Road

There are documents that citizens should review concerning the study of the proposed Northern Connector Road between Williamson Valley Road and Chino Valley.

Column: Advice to graduates: Limit mobile devices, get over yourself

This year I have again not been asked to deliver any commencement addresses.

Column: Some government funds are like oil, water

It can be confusing: a government has millions of dollars in one account, and a huge debt for another; yet, those dollars and that debt are like oil and water – they shall not mix.

One man's rant: Beware of the small print

I had some spare time on my hands the other day so I walked into a nutrition store in the mall.