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One Man's Rant: Nectar of the gods, or something else?

I’m not sure this column has ever had a real purpose, but today’s investigative reporting intends to clear up the issue of … ambrosia.

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One Man's Rant: I need a new goal in life

I strive to maintain dignity on a daily basis.

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Column: CTE research forces parents to think twice about football

'Raising Prescott'

Humanity evolves every second of every day of every year we’re on this planet, constantly breaking barriers of old truths and advancing toward newly discovered paths using the knowledge gained by those who came before.

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One Man's Rant: Celebrate Territorial Days, help neighbors

The Chino Valley Morning Lions Club is at it again. On Sept. 2, the Morning Lions will sponsor the 31st Annual Territorial Days celebration complete with a parade, a pancake breakfast at the Senior Center, a raffle drawing and a craft fair in Memory Park.

Column: It’s time Trump learned discipline

Usually it takes a lot of boring three-yard runs and a thick cloud of dust to drive any important piece of legislation across the goal line in Washington.

One Man's Rant: Doing business with a five-fingered contract

Think of a cowboy. I’m talking about the real kind, the kind that rode for the brand on the ranches and the acres throughout the Old West.

Column: Parking is such sweet sorrow

Believe it or not, my only college-era clash with school authorities erupted because the campus was experiencing growing pains.

One Man's Rant: Why do doctors speak Greek?

I remember way back in 1960s Columbus, Ohio, when my cousin and I decided to write messages in code to each other.

One Man's Rant: I’m prepared to make a major announcement

I’ve always been concerned about making rash decisions.

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Column: Dying over diesel comes down to what?

Like everyone else, I too have been shrouded in a cloud of exhaust from a diesel vehicle as one takes off in front of me from a stop.

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One Man's Rant: Don’t hand me that wrench, please

I’m amazed by the number of gear heads and classic vehicles in and around Chino Valley.

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One man's rant: Stop wasting your life

I just watched a YouTube video of Admiral William H. McRaven talking about life-lessons learned in the military.

Column: Pelosi stepping down would be a huge loss... for the GOP

Should conservatives shut up about Nancy Pelosi or keep her in their public spotlight?

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One Man's Rant: Take me out to the old ball game

As many Americans were anticipating the Civil War, a game called rounders was invented.

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Column: Shed a tear for one less ninja in the world

Long before adulthood and reality teach us otherwise, one of the greatest aspects of being young is that no limits have been placed on our dreams.