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Prescott businessman sees profit in keeping Chino fit

Snap Fitness opened last month and already has 200 members

Modern science has taught us the benefits of staying fit, even if it means that we occasionally have to get off the couch.

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Ask The Contractor: Sonic devices won’t always keep the pests away

We are having a huge massive problem with pests coming into our yard; javelina, deer, woodpeckers.

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Cooking with Diane: Spring Fruit Salad

This colorful, fruit salad is perfect for those warm weather barbecues, and backyard get togethers. It’s refreshing and healthy.

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Mix flowers, vegetables in the garden

People & Places - Paulden woman says her garden is her therapy

The love of lots of pretty colors is how Lora Goulding of Paulden plants her garden each year.

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Cooking with Diane: Bok Choy Noodle Soup

A nice lady I know told me about this delicious Bok Choy soup, and how healthy it is because Bok Choy is a cancer-fighting vegetable.

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Pet of the Week: Nikki

Nikki is a female Labrador Retriever/Pit Bull Terrier mixed dog looking for a family to love.

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Child of the Week: Brendan

A history buff with a prodigious memory for world events, 13-year-old Brendan has a table covered with camo-colored LEGOS built into a World War II “no man’s land,” complete with trenches.

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21 CVHS students headed to state history competition

Chino contingent to compete at ASU

Chino Valley High School students are “Taking a Stand in History” and taking a trip to Arizona State University April 1 to participate at the state level in the National History Day competition.

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Cooking with Diane: Creamy Lime Pie

This pie is an easy, delicious dessert to prepare quickly for unexpected company. It was a real hit at our house.

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Pet of the Week: Bonnie

Bonnie is an Australian Cattle Dog mix female looking for a family in the Chino Valley area.

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Art draws Chino woman back after raising 8 kids

People & Places - Painting can be a calming influence raising children

Mary McMains is another very talented water color artist who just happens to reside in Chino Valley.

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Ask the Contractor: Beware: Some cleaning products don’t mix

We have all been faced with those tough cleaning jobs and I must admit that I have mixed and matched ingredients to remove stains.

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People & Places: Being 9 years old, and a prisoner of war

Paulden woman recaps childhood in her book about World War II

Who can even imagine the terror of having your family being told to flee into the hills because the Japanese were bombing Hawaii. Then, a few weeks later, she was put into a prison camp.

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Ask the Contractor: More sightings of efflorescence in Quad Cities

With all of the wet weather we have had, I have noticed that “white chalky” substance on many of the area’s masonry walls and on homes throughout neighborhoods.

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Pet of the Week: Scooby

Scooby is an American Pit Bull Terrier/Shar Pei Mix male dog looking for a home.

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Cooking with Diane: Cabbage Burgers

Cabbage burgers are a popular midwestern dish brought over by German immigrants (my ancestors). They are very tasty, and are great with potato or pasta salads.

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Ask the Contractor: Everything you need to know about mulching

Spring Countdown: We have Spring Training — we have spring fashion trends — we have spring hairstyles — we have spring academic calendars — we have spring color trends and most importantly we have spring beginning Monday March 20, 2017.

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People & Places: Takes a lot of work to get the horse to do the work

Chino Valley man trains cutting horses

His love of horses is a large part of Phil Jackson’s life. Born in Peoria and raised in Buckeye, Jackson said he has always had horses and ridden consistently since he was a teen, and was into competitive team penning and ranch sorting.

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Pet of the Week: Amelia

Amelia, a Pit Bull/Terrier mixed female, seeks a family. Visit her at the Chino Valley Animal Shelter, 1950 Voss Drive in Chino Valley.

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Cooking with Diane: Potato Onion Bake

If you are tired of mashed, baked or fried potatoes, this potato dish is for you. It is easy to make and very delicious. Goes well with any type of meat.

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Ask the Contractor: Rural businesses, including farms, can get grants

I am sure you are talking about the Rural Energy for America Program (REAP).

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People & Places: One Chino woman loves to share her history

Granddaughter of slaves, she teaches love, forgiveness

The first African slaves were brought to Jamestown, Virginia, in the 16th century and slavery was practiced in the country until the Civil War, when the Union army freed 4 million slaves and President Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation which stated that slaves within any states would be forever free.

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Cooking with Diane: Huckleberry-Cheese Oatmeal Bars

My sister-in-law in Washington sent me some huckleberry jam, so I decided to use some of it in this recipe. Everyone in your family will love this dessert, as you can use your own choice of jams.

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Ask the contractor: Keep your trash covered in transport or pay fine

First of all, welcome to Prescott. The team at the Prescott Transfer Station are great employees of the city and good stewards at keeping Prescott clean.

Ask the Contractor: Deadline for REAP grants is March 31

We own a home in rural Yavapai County and were told by a solar company that approached, there is grant money available for energy items. Do you know anything about this?