Minor general plan amendment plus rezoning forwarded to council

Concern from neighbors prompts adding wall to portion of the property

The Chino Valley Planning & Zoning Commission, at its meeting Tuesday, May 1, forwarded to the Town Council a request for a minor amendment to the General Plan and a request to rezone a portion of a property to single-family residential.

The property — at 784 N. Road 1 East — is known as the Windmill House and was developed in the mid-to-late-2000s with blended zoning, something not done anymore, said Jason Sanks, the director of Development Services.

At that time, it was rezoned to commercial and multi-family zoning with a Planned Area Development, but the developer doesn’t want to build condominiums anymore, Sanks said.

“Just keep the commercial zoning on the Windmill House for current operations, and then everything around it is proposed to go to one-acre lot residential,” he said. “Since they’re no longer intending to do any condos, their interest is to build up the rest of their property.”

There isn’t any concern about community open space because the lots are so large, they provide plenty of open space, themselves, Sanks said. There just needs to be enough open space to provide retention, he said.

Further, taking the multi-family residential zoning off the location makes sense, Sanks said, adding that one-acre lots are consistent with development in the area.

Some area residents expressed concerns, including Robert Schoon, who lives adjacent to the property. Schoon said he’d like a wall.

“There’s some landscaping there; it’s not very solid and doesn’t create a sound or light buffer,” he said. “And the maintenance of it. Portions of the trees are growing into my property. I would like to see a wall which is solid. There’s no maintenance; there’s nobody having to come over on my side of the property to maintain it.”

Additionally, when a project does get started once there is a developer on board, individual lots built over a long period of time will mean a lot of construction up and down the road, Schoon said. As such, a sound buffer would be appreciated, he said.

The commission unanimously approved sending the minor amendment and zoning change to the Chino Valley Town Council with the condition of a six-foot block wall along the west side of the property.