People & Places: How can we keep our children safe?

School shootings unfortunately and sadly seem to be a regular occurrence in the country today. What is the answer or remedy to keep our children safe? Here are a few ideas from local parents and students”

“I feel metal detectors would be a good way to avoid these things, and at least slow a gunman down to somewhat keep us safer.”


Darren Phipps

  • Darren Phipps, high school student.

“I think each school in the United States should have their own protective and security policies that work for their school. I don’t think it should be decided by our government. Also if there are teachers who feel comfortable and are trained to carry I think it should be their option. One of best things would be to employ our unemployed veterans or retired law enforcement who have all had the proper weapons training to help keep our schools safe. This problem isn’t all about guns, it is about mental health too. I can’t believe we cannot come up with a solution to protect our most valuable asset, our children.”


Nicole Bassi

  • Nicole Bassi, a parent of a Chino Valley school student.

“I think Chino Valley school district has been very pro-active in this problem already because of all the fencing, etc. I do think the gates need to be locked and have more security (armed). Also there should only be one way in and one way out with a monitor there too.”


Rebecca Cutlip

  • Rebecca Cutlip, parent.

“Not that I feel entirely safe at school, but I don’t think arming the teachers is the thing to do. I honestly feel there should be stricter gun laws and that it should be harder to buy a gun than to buy a car. Teenagers aren’t allowed to drink at 18 but they can buy a gun, so to me this doesn’t make sense and should be changed. Some people probably think this isn’t important, and that it won’t happen to them, but if it does, then they will wish more had been done.”


Hannah DeHamer

  • Hannah DeHamer, high school student.

“I think metal detectors at the doors with someone manning them, and also one-way turnstiles on the campus exits or one-way doors so if someone does go out they have to go through the metal detectors to get back into the school. We need more armed resource officers at the school instead of just one, maybe spot patrols by police officers at random times of the day. If teachers are armed they need to have extensive training in the use of firearms and both teachers and students should have training on what to do in these situations. We have extensive protection at sports arenas, why not do the same for our kids?”


Rick Radcliffe

  • Rick Radcliffe.