Letter: Hillary followers loyal regardless of circumstances


Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, set up a private server to send and receive classified information without the government security umbrella. Hillary has the record for the most security violations of any U.S. citizen. The FBI said her server was hacked by five different foreign countries, multiple times. The top security officials — Comey, Muller, Clapper and Brenner of the FBI, NSA and CIA — appear to be unconcerned about this.

Comey, Clapper, Brennen and McCade have all been caught lying under oath in committee testimonies. They are obviously pro-Hillary to the point of committing treason, as they are ignoring Hillary’s scores of security violations. Had Hillary won the presidency the gang of four and maybe more would not have to face possible investigations.

Hillary and the DNC paid C. Steele, a British spy, to create a dossier of Trump colluding with the Russians. Later, Comey told Trump this was nothing to be concerned about since major points in the dossier could not be confirmed, yet Comey would not reveal this to the press.

When Goudy, chairman of a committee, interviewed Comey about five lies by Hillary concerning classified material, Comey agreed that Hillary lied.

All this and Comey said there would not be a judge who would charge Hillary with these violations! This is unbelievable for the head of the FBI to make this comment.

Yes, there was collusion with the Russians, but it was with Hillary and the DNC. By the way, the DOJ, L. Lynch, is responsible to make the decision of Hillary’s guilt, not the FBI.

Jerry Fowler