Letter: Don't ignore the screams


My husband and I want to thank a neighbor we don’t really know who lives close to our property for turning us in to the Chino Valley police. A few nights ago two officers knocked on our door after 10 p.m. We were about to turn in for the night and were surprised to see the officers on our front porch. They cordially explained that a neighbor heard the screams of young children, perhaps infants, being tortured at our home. From the living room couch, my husband said, “Frogs!” The officers indicated they suspected the source of the sounds heard by the neighbor, our pond. They knew that pond frogs create a chorus that does indeed sound like children in agony. The first time I heard our frogs I almost called the police! Satisfied, the officers left without cuffing us.

Our neighbor did the right thing. Less than 48 hours after a memorial for a child who died because of abuse, a man decided not to ignore a possibility. My husband even said, “What if we were screaming? He may have saved our lives.” Thank you neighbor.

Edith Spain

Chino Valley