Chino Valley Police report: July 12, 2017

The Chino Valley Police Department has provided this accounting of police calls from July 2-9: (Note, the police office is located on Voss Drive, so reports filed there show up often).

Family fight, James Drive

Alarm, Tiffany Way

Hit-and-run accident, Grasshopper Lane

Animal neglect, Road 5 North

Welfare check, Sharon Road

Traffic offense, Eagle Ridge Drive

Weapon offense, Sunset Drive

Agency assist, Road 2 North

Animal pickup, Fox Road

Criminal damage, Juniper Drive

Criminal damage, Grasshopper Lane

Agency assist, N. Highway 89

Information, N. Highway 89

Traffic hazard, Highway 89

Animal problem, Sunflower Lane

Welfare check, N. Highway 89

Animal problem, Voss Drive

Threats, S. Highway 89

Trespass, Arlene Street

Animal neglect, Sycamore Lane

Criminal damage, Sycamore Lane

Threats, N. Highway 89

Animal pickup, Crow Lane

Family fight, Road 4 North

Suspicious, Gilson Street

Citizen dispute, Susan Street

Citizen disputer, N. Highway 89

Agency assist, Chino Valley

Traffic offense, Road 1 South

Driving with suspended license, Road 3 South

Driving with suspended license, Havasu Avenue

Family fight, Road 1 West

Unsecure premises, Juniper Drive

Traffic offense, MP 322

Parking problem, Lois Lane

Animal pickup, Laura Lane

Non-injury accident, N. Highway 89

Property damage, Road 2 North

Utility problem, Prescott Drive

Property damage, Butterfield Road

Traffic offense, Road 4½ North

Adult abuse, Will Drive

Citizen assist, Butterfield Road

Agency assist, Buffalo Run Road

Drugs, N. Highway 89

Welfare check, Fox Road

Family fight, Copper Drive

Agency assist, Fox Road

Agency assist, S. Highway 89

Animal neglect, Lois Lane

Drugs, N. Highway 89

Agency assist, Road 3½ North

Theft, Beverly Lane

Animal problem, Sycamore Lane

Trespass, N. Highway 89

Animal problem, Road 2 North

Information, Branding Iron Trail

Traffic hazard, Kalinich Avenue

Traffic offense, Palomino Road

Animal problem, Road 3 South

Hit-and-run accident, Road 1 East

Fireworks, Perkinsville Road

Family fight, N. Highway 89

Animal problem, Stratford Place

Wanted person, N. Highway 89

Agency assist, Karen Drive

Driving with suspended license, Perkinsville Road

Citizen arrest, Road 3 North

Vicious animal, Bernice Drive

Agency assist, Resting Place

Welfare check, Beverly Lane

Drugs, Road 1 East

DUI, Road 2 North

Agency assist, Road 3 North

Criminal damage, Road 4 North

Information, Road 2 North