Tootsie Roll drive collects $720+

Each year the local St. Catherine LaBoure’s Knights of Columbus Council #11827 conducts a Tootsie Roll drive at the local Safeway store. This year the proceeds amounted to $720.95.

The Knights contributed the drive proceeds to the Chino Valley complex of the Intermountain Center for Human Development, which serves the mentally and physically handicapped.

Knights didn’t sell the Tootsie Rolls, but rather handed them out to folks free of charge. The Knights said that the generous Chino Valley folks usually responded by depositing money into the provided receptacles.

The Knights also said they appreciate Steve Cotton, Safeway’s manager, for allowing the organization to conduct the drive, and thank all of the “Chino Valley-ites” for their generous contributions.

The Knights of Columbus is a fraternal organization of Catholic men promoting charity, unity fraternity and patriotism. More than 11,000 councils exist worldwide with more than 1.6 million members.