Weight trainer will 'pump you up' with workout, enthusiasm for sport

Well, here it is the beginning of a new year, with people making all kinds of new year's resolutions. The most common is, "I'm going to exercise, lose weight and get fit."

Review/Diane DeHamer

Professional weight trainer, Shawn McCready, demonstrates the correct way to incline press weights as he effortlessly lifts 225 pounds.

Shawn McCready, a certified personal trainer at Chino Valley's fitness center called Fast Trak, is just the guy to help you achieve your goals.

McCready has been lifting weights and working out since the age of 16.

"I started this while I was on the high school football team, but now I do it for my own personal well being," he states.

McCready is certified with the American Council of Exercise (ACE).

"This enables me to give advice on proper weight lifting, techniques, and different types of exercise to do. But, I cannot advice on nutrition, other than telling people to drink lots of water, eat green vegetables and more white meat," McCready confirms.

He personally trains each new client at the gym on how to use the exercise equipment, and believes that people should stay fit because they will have less chance of developing heart disease, and exercising also slows down the effects of arthritis. But he does stress that anyone wanting to start weight lifting should check with their doctor first, as lifting weights can be dangerous for people with high blood pressure, asthma or osteoporosis.

"I love weight lifting," McCready says. He reveals that he does a lot of power lifting, and astonishingly, can bench press as much as 415 pounds.

"It's great to get paid to be around weights and work out equipment," he grins.

McCready, his wife Kelly and their children Cory, 9, and Katie, 5, moved to Chino Valley from Scottsdale in 1997, and later purchased the gym. He strives to provide a warm and friendly atmosphere at the gym for people to enjoy.

"It's important to me to make the clients feel at ease and comfortable when they come to workout," he explains.

Two important tips McCready gives to all those who want to lose a few extra pounds is to have a good cardiovascular work out of at least 200 minutes a week. Plus it is most important to stretch your muscles and warm up five to 10 minutes before starting your exercise routine.

"I love it when people tell me, 'I've lost 10 pounds, this is really working for me,'" McCready admits. "Helping people come to love what I love is very gratifying work."